Monday, 30 August 2010

skiing in ischgl, austria, with my classmates. i am an avid snowboarder and i love being behind the lens just as much as i do getting some air myself. this was a great week where i got many great photos and had an awesome times with my mates.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

this is just one self portrait, a can of deodorant and a lighter did the trick nicely 

here are a few snaps from a family trip to south africa. most of the pics were taken in pilanseberg national park, and some in the city center. some are ALSO taken from hartabeesport damn, an amazing site.

here is a few i did just playing with long exposures out of a car window, great way to pass the time.

my first photos from the day of ashura in bahrain

my first photos from ahura festival in bahrain:

probably the weirdest christmas i ever had, when i got my first camera, and then on a trip with my family, was given an EXCELLENT oppurtunity to get some memorable first snaps. here are a few of the 600 photos i took.

here is a detailed explanation of what the point of this festival was: